Setting up the Entity

Established Entities

An established entity is one that has already been recognized by the health plans.  An entity may have been in existence for some time but this does not mean the health plan has recognized it.  If the entity has been established with the health plans, there is an entity enrollment process where Primoris gathers the entity information and takes over the credentialing for the entity related to the plans the entity has chosen to use Primoris for. 

New Entities

Establishing a new tax i.d. with the health plans can be a costly and time consuming endeavor.  Primoris will help to establish new tax i.d.’s with the health plans for a one-time fee.


Setting up the Provider

Once the entity is setup, the providers complete the Primoris application and enrollment documents.  Primoris will then verify the information up to the health plans standards, take the provider through a credentialing committee and either approve or deny the provider.  If approved, the provider will be added to the entities tax i.d. in a matter of days.  If denied, the provider may still appeal directly to the plan for enrollment.  If the provider is eventually approved, Primoris can handle the credentialing going forward.